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Letter To The President

By Daniel Asuquo and  Obinna Ekekeh   It is important to celebrate President Buhari as he represents quite a number of things in our nationís history. First, he is proof that our democracy has come of age, with a peaceful transition from an incumbent party to the opposition. Secondly, the common Nigerian begins to feel he has a voice through ...

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Why Are Women Dying During Child Birth?

A woman and her new born

By Charles Iyare Childbirth is not a good experience for many women in Sub Sahara Africa. Many of them die at child birth. The state of maternal, newborn and child health is an important indicator of a nation’s health care delivery system and the level of the society’s development. These deaths are needless and worrisome because the pace of development ...

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Niger Delta And The Imperative Of Intellectual Militancy

By Bobson Gbinije The Niger Delta is the area around the southern tributaries of the River Niger which is diverse in ethnic composition, full of natural environmental hazards, rich natural resources but characterized by abject poverty and neglect by successive governments in Nigeria. The mono- cultural economy of Nigeria has been sustained by Niger Delta’s oil from the pre-independence era through ...

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How Market Recovery Was Achieved In Nigeria

By Mr Edikan Ekong   It is now an incontrovertible fact that the Nigerian Stock Market has wholesomely recovered from the 2008 meltdown.  Given the propensity of financial markets worldwide to suffer considerable shocks once in a while, it becomes imperative for us to analyse the various efforts that went into the recovery process with a view to identifying the key ...

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Power: The handcuffs Of The Nigerian Economy

Businesses and Organization are shutting down due to the prevailing fuel scarcity in the country. The economy of Nigeria is almost shut down due to the inability of organizations to provide electricity in the running of the day to day activities of their organization. It is sad that an economy with abundant oil is in a dilemma in the provision ...

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A Season Of Courtesy Calls

By Eddie Mbadiwe   Success is smothered with a galaxy of friends (both true and false) while failure is abandoned as a lonely and desolate orphan.  The phones of the former crash due to an inability to process a myriad of incoming calls while that of the latter sooner or later is shrouded in graveyard silence.  That unfortunately is the ...

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Iran’s Nuclear Deal And The Threat To Nigeria’s security

Rouhani, Iranian President

By Christopher Okonkwo   Last month, a framework deal was announced that saw Iran agreeing to significantly restrict its nuclear facilities and submit to international inspections. The landmark deal came after months of contentious negotiations with the United States and its five negotiating partners. The deal, while allowing Iran to retain a massively reduced level of uranium enrichment for the ...

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Issues On Arthur Eze’s Visit To Buhari

On the 27th of April 2015, the print media was awash with comments made by Prince Arthur Eze on the occasion of his congratulatory visit to the President- elect, Mohammadu Buhari in Abuja. Arthur Eze was said to have commented that Buhari’s victory was an act of God. He further said that by Buhari’s victory, oil companies that had left ...

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Fashola: He Came, Saw And Grew Grey Hair

Babatunde Fashola

By Bashir Ibrahim Hassan Below Letter (Fashola) “You see, this job is a tough job. When I took this job, at the age of 44, I was counting the number of white hair on my head. Today, at 52, I am counting the number of black hair on my head”- Fashola  In a few days’ time, the impressive tenure of Mr. ...

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Mr. President , Please Do This For Us Before You Leave

LIKE I have always said, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan of Nigeria is a good man. His administration will be ending on 29th May 2015. But please Sir, before you leave, do everything humanly and spiritually possible to give Nigeria fuel. It will be very sad to do otherwise because Nigerians may still require your service in other higher capacities in ...

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How Will History Remember Okonjo-Iweala? 

History, they say, is subjective. It takes on the life of whoever is writing it. But there are some events that will always be viewed from the standpoint of objectivity, no matter the attempt at changing it. As President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration goes off the stage, there are attempts by numerous activists and emergency historians trying hard to rewrite the ...

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Cultural Diversity: A tool For Universal Dialogue

Sexual, racial, gender violence and other forms of discrimination and violence in a culture cannot be eliminated without changing (modifying) culture. – Charlotte Bunch Our universe is embroiled with conflicts, crises and disputes of varying degrees and sizes, and our diverse cultures, ethnicities and religious beliefs and practices can be modified for creating sustainable cities and urbanization, reducing poverty, achieving ...

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On NDDC And The Pull-Down Syndrome

By Sam Ekpe   A recurrent feature of the politics of our dear country is petition writing at all levels of government – local government, state and federal. There is no Government Agency, no matter how good intentioned that is not unduly criticized, harassed or blackmailed by petition writers. The ridiculous thing about most of these petitions is that the ...

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Ambode, The Youth And Job Creation

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode

By Susan Olije   Very soon, the Nigeria Youth Service Corps, NYSC, will be passing out a crop of new corps members. The big question, however, is: what lies ahead for them in terms of employment? The unemployment situation in the country is becoming quite alarming. Apart from the dwindling oil revenue, other critical sectors of the economy are almost ...

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The Tattered And Decayed Condition Of Kebbi State

Kebbi Sate is lagging far behind in terms of development, being it infrastructural or otherwise. The outgoing administration under the leadership of Saidu Usman Dakingari has not done enough to improve the standard of living of the citizenry in the state, most especially, the Kebbi South part of the state. The people of Zuru, who constituted Kebbi South have not ...

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Oronto Natei Douglas: A man with the Heart of Gold


By Prince Chima Williams.   My personal experience with Senior Oronto Douglas – a brother, comrade, friend and colleague aptly qualifies him for me as a man with the heart of gold! My first contact with this enigma of a person dates back to 1993/94 when as a student leader in the University of Benin, I had running battles with ...

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Stop them now

I was moved after watching the stabbing, slaughtering, stoning and burning of Nigerians and other immigrants in South Africa by South Africans. From the initial stage, I thought it was just the mere beating and threat; rather, I came to realize that the South Africans are not only beating but killing as well. However, after watching some of the videos ...

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Pastor Adeboye, The Church And Nigeria

Pastor Enoch Adeboye

By Dele Akinola   “There’s no stopping me until I have put a church within five minutes of everyman’s reach.” That powerful ministration was credited, in a newspaper interview (The SUN, March 04, 2012), to the immensely revered General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye. It was in commemoration of his 70thbirthday anniversary, ...

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Making Anambra State Medical Tourist Destination

It is exhilarating and necessary to appreciate the spectacular amount of money in the tune of N500.000 released by the State Governor Chief Willie Obiano to the 37 general hospitals across Anambra state to reinvent the once forgotten “drugs revolving fund” practiced in old Anambra state. It is expected that the drug revolving fund will be diligently expended and properly ...

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Memo To President – Elect – General M. Buhari

I hereby on behalf of all Nigerians, urge President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari (retd), and other elected officers not to disappoint Nigerians, but strive to provide good governance, for the massive votes given to him was a trust, hence he should not betray, adding that, efforts should be taken quickly to make a positive impact on the lives of the people ...

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On Buhari´s Quest To Tackle Power Sector Deficit

By Joe Mmeh   The energy crisis in Nigeria is real and for Gen. Buhari to be successful, he has to tackle the problem of power deficits seriously and transparently. He needs to make policies that shall encourage private sector participation in the entire power sector and attract foreign Investors. States and Cities in Nigeria shall be allowed to generate and distribute electricity in their ...

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Can Buhari make Nigeria’s Dreams Reality?

The people of Nigeria have delivered a verdict beyond expectations in favour of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, reflecting the people’s hope for structural change in Nigeria’s development paradigm. The pan-Nigerian victory across rural, urban and tribal lines reflects the deep and widespread aspirations of the new Nigeria. Nigerians who are looking for employment and not doles; empowerment and not entitlements; growth ...

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British Election And Lessons For Africa

British Premier, David Cameron

By Nze Nwabueze Akabogu (JP) The recent Parliamentary election in the United Kingdom of Great Britain had produced rather a dramatic victory for the ruling conservative party led by the Prime Minister, David Cameron. After about five weeks of intense campaigns by all the political parties, opinion polls and book makers were unanimous that the election result was too close ...

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It’s May Day

I checked the date and discovered how time has flown since the beginning of the year. Already we are in May and it just hits me that I will be having a mayday anytime this month. You may be familiar with the phrase “may day.” It is used to inform the police or any emergency reporting unit of the need ...

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