Letter To The President

By Daniel Asuquo and  Obinna Ekekeh   It is important to celebrate President Buhari as he represents quite a number of things in our nationís history. First, he is proof that our democracy has come of age, with a peaceful transition from an incumbent party to the opposition. Secondly, the common Nigerian begins to feel […]

Rouhani, Iranian President

Iran’s Nuclear Deal And The Threat To Nigeria’s security

By Christopher Okonkwo   Last month, a framework deal was announced that saw Iran agreeing to significantly restrict its nuclear facilities and submit to international inspections. The landmark deal came after months of contentious negotiations with the United States and its five negotiating partners. The deal, while allowing Iran to retain a massively reduced level […]

Cultural Diversity: A tool For Universal Dialogue

Sexual, racial, gender violence and other forms of discrimination and violence in a culture cannot be eliminated without changing (modifying) culture. – Charlotte Bunch Our universe is embroiled with conflicts, crises and disputes of varying degrees and sizes, and our diverse cultures, ethnicities and religious beliefs and practices can be modified for creating sustainable cities […]

Stop them now

I was moved after watching the stabbing, slaughtering, stoning and burning of Nigerians and other immigrants in South Africa by South Africans. From the initial stage, I thought it was just the mere beating and threat; rather, I came to realize that the South Africans are not only beating but killing as well. However, after […]