Restructuring the Federal Union (2)

State Constitution As our national experience has shown, centralization kills initiative, suffocates and reduces states to entities that merely collect allocations from the centre to pay salaries and spend the rest in buying jeeps and misappropriate some. These have been possible because of the national uniformity that federal government has mistaken for national unity. In […]

Restructuring the Federal Union

Last week, we noted how the leadership question is always at the centre of our nation’s political problem. For example, succession crisis was the catalyst of events that led to the Civil War. Doubtlessly, Boko Haram emerged from the fact that a non Moslem Northerner became the President. The leadership profile in Nigeria between 1960 […]

Will Nigeria break up in 2015? (1)

  By Ekeng Anam Ndu Comments on Nigeria’s continued existence as one country have attracted media attention in recent weeks following federal government’s high profile campaign for the celebration of the centenary. The disintegration thesis first surfaced in June 2005 when US Intelligent Report on Sub-Saharan Africa categorized Nigeria as one of those countries that […]

Celebrating failure

By Ekeng Anam Ndu The amalgamation of Northern and Southern Protectorates of Nigeria into one country in 1914 by Lord Luggard will be one hundred years old next year. Backed with spurious reasons to rationalize and market the event that will gulp billions of Naira, the Federal government is itching to celebrate the centenary. In […]