Emeka Mba and the triumph of diginaijation

By Madu Chikwendu Last weekend in Sun Valley , Idaho USA media moguls including the likes of 21st Century Fox Chairman, Rupert Murdoch, debated the future of broadcasting sponsored by investment bankers Booz, Allen & Co. Other heavyweights in attendance include, Time Warner Chairman, Jeff Bewkes, Disney Chairman, Robert Iger, CBS Corp. Chief, Leslie Moonves, Viacom CEO, Philippe […]

NFC, NFVCB, Oronsaye and the deep blue sea

By Madu Chikwendu The Oronsaye committee has recommended the full fledged commercialisation of Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC), for the sister agency, National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB), it decreed a fate “worse than death”, loss of autonomy and a reversion to directorate status under Ministry of Information .This directionless directives reflects the tragicomedy of administration […]

Genius, irrationality, genes

By Madu Chikwendu According to online edition of The Guardian of London “Kenneth Heilman and his team at the Department of Neurology and Neuroscience at Cornell University discovered that the brains of artistically creative individuals have a particular characteristic that may enhance creativity. The brain is divided into two halves, or hemispheres, that are joined by a bundle of […]

Media giants and paper tigers

By Madu ChikwenduIn Recent times three announcements may have created hope that the global media order long skewed in favour of the west may finally achieve the long desired balance. Newspaper baron Nduka Obaigbena announced plans for Arise TV…a global news station operating out of London and other western capitals. Nigerian terrestrial broadcaster TVC only […]

Of movies and terrorism (3)

By Madu Chikwendu “The Selous Scouts were officially credited with either directly or indirectly  …responsible for 68% of all terrorists killed –while losing less than forty scouts in the process “. The official Selous Scouts website brashly declares “Welcome to the Selous Scouts …once the most feared counter insurgency force on the African continent “. […]

Of movies and terrorism (1)

By Madu Chikwendu Is there any possible link between movies and terrorism? Against the background of the increasing boldness of the Boko Haram insurgents it may be necessary to introspect on this matter. There are actually two dimensions “insurgency” and “counter insurgency”. The Impossible Spy, a 1987 movie by Jim Godard is a movie that […]

Two war chiefs: A Duke and Vampires from Heart of Darkness

Madu Chikwendu , Email: [email protected]  There are two pieces involved in this title…Joseph Conrads 1899 novella Heart of Darkness .This novella describes Africa as being the heart of darkness and would later inspire a war movie “ Apocalypse Now “ (1979 ) by Francis Ford Coppola. It was a reference to the primitive and undeveloped nature […]

A nation of actors

By Madu Chikwendu Iconic playwright and dramatist, William Shakespeare, is celebrated for his many works including the comedy “As You like It”. He differentiates between a comedy of manners and comedy of errors. Errors and omissions insurance is a very key element in international filmmaking. Producers have their ears twisted and they are warned ominously to […]

Drums of war

By Madu Chikwendu Whereas the global cinema industry is agog with the award season which generally culminates in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards otherwise known as the Oscars, it is election season in Nollywood…or is it? So far only Association of Movie Producers (AMP) has announced an election timetable. Mum has […]