Market in Igboland (1)

One key common characteristic of our Bantu subculture, which we as Nigerians have allowed received culture to destroy, is our eight-day week. My studies indicate that most African subcultures of the Bantu stock had eight-day week in pre-colonial history. My investigation is, however, ongoing for areas beyond Igboland. Events in Igboland are still marked with […]

Solution to insecurity (1)

People who strive for positive goals in communities are not revered anymore as youth form bandwagons for miscreants whom they hold as role models. This tendency must cease forthwith. No one benefits from using villains of a community as role models. It only prolongs the hardship of a community to celebrate wrong conduct. There is […]


With Mac Odu Ndeze Mbaise: Confused in function The passing of Eze E. O. Osuagwu last year threw up amazing conflicts between roles of custodians of culture and tradition, and bigots of received religion. He had been a Knight of St. Mulumba (KSM) of the Catholic faith for longer than he had been Eze (monarch). […]

Potpourri (7)

With Mac Odu Projected gains of Imo Co-operative Summit The first ever Imo Co-operative Summit has been firmly slated for April 25 and 26, 2013 at Heroes Square, New Owerri. All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), in co-operation with Ministry of Commerce, Imo State Government and EHF (Owerri Municipal) Co-operative Union, has hatched a summit […]

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By Mac Odu Still on pardon for Alamieyeseigha General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB) may have been a Maradona. He has enough nostalgia about his two-party decree not to want to identify with a glaring diminution of integrity imported by the ‘pardon’ of a felon who actually hurt people of his constituency so deep when they […]

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The social cost of looting Let us reason like children without preconceived notions here. That is what Nigerian leaders should really be to start appreciating the futility of corruption. Using the latest Maina case as a focus, let us somberly examine the social cost of denying a large number of retirees their entitlement through the […]