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Doris Chinasa Ariole
Doris Chinasa Ariole

Entertainment is the fastest way to teach on breast cancer

Doris Chinasa Ariole a creative writer is the brain behind Hadassah Studios, a movie production outfit. Ariole a microbiology graduate of Imo State University is also the initiator of Pink Crusade an initiative which creates awareness on early detection of breast cancer through entertainment.  She was a guest at the corporate headquarters of Independent Newspapers Limited recently and Senior Reporter, Anthonia Soyingbe spoke with her on her latest production The Diva’s Tussle, a stage drama.

You are movie producer, what is your new project all about?

Doris Chinasa Ariole

Doris Chinasa Ariole

The Pink Crusade is an initiative that uses entertainment content to create awareness on breast cancer.  It is certain that entertainment is a very strong tool which is very influential and we want people to draw good inspiration from what they listen to. We want women to be better informed about breast cancer because it has become a scourge and a silent-killer which is killing women daily. Though there are other awareness, we know the importance of entertainment and this propelled us to come out with a stage drama. It is a very original African story and everyone will find a place in any of the characters and relate with them. Our audience should know that early detection and proper medical treatment is the only solution and that is what we are preaching with this drama. Entertainment is the fastest and best way to reach people about breast cancer.

Are you a survivor of breast cancer yourself?

About eight years ago, a close relative had breast cancer but she was very lucky because she detected early and she treated it. Her physician has given her clean bill of health and she is cancer-free now. Even as a youth corper then, it shocked me because breast cancer was like a fairy-tale to me and I thought it was one of those while men’s diseases. The reality dawned on me when my relative had it that breast cancer is real. As a creative person, I knew after my relative’s experience that I will create awareness about breast cancer. I wanted something that will be dramatic. It was my relation’s experience that spanked the idea in me to do something about this for women. I have always wanted to do this, I registered my company and it was a cancer movie proposal which I pushed round but I didn’t get any sponsor then. I abandoned it then to do a regular-budget movie. I am doing this now because I don’t want to keep postponing this all because of fund.

How were you able to get endorsements and supports for this project now?

Support started with family, friends and colleagues thereafter I approached some individuals and corporate organisations. We didn’t have the kind of response we wanted from corporate brands but there are few kind and generous ones that decided to give us the chance. I guess some of the brands have their reservations because this is the maiden edition. Aunty Betty Iraboh has being so supportive from the moment I told her about this project; she gave me every assistance within her power.

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