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More victims of Ibadan evil forest recount ordeals


By Oladele Ogunsola

Correspondent, Ibadan

A big hole might have been dug in the claim by the security operatives met at the site in Soka area, along Lagos/Ibadan expressway in Oluyole Local Government area of Oyo State.

The place was allegedly being operated by a spiritualist for the cure of people with insanity problem as some of the rescued persons on Monday denied ever having anything to do with insanity problem.

On Saturday, the site was discovered at the back of Macmillan Publishers where decomposed bodies, dry skulls and different other human body parts as well as human skeletons were seen and some victims were rescued.

Four of the victims, among those taken to the General Hospital, Adeoyo, Ibadan told journalists on their hospital beds that they were kidnapped from different locations at different times just as they insisted that they were not mad people.

The victims, Nofiu Shittu from Ibadan, Michael Ola from Odeda in Ogun State, and Wale Atoyebi from Ada also in Osun State as well as Titi Adeniyi (nee Dokpesi), who claimed to be a relation of the late Obafemi Awolowo family said that they were each on different occasions picked up or forced out of a vehicle and later found themselves in the evil forest.

Adeniyi, 45 emaciated and malnourished explained that she was sitting in front of her Oke- Bola, Ibadan house when some people just rushed at her, got her arrested and rushed her into a vehicle and eventually driven her away to an unknown place.

According to her, “I am from the compound of Late Baba Awolowo of Oke Bola in Ibadan. Some people came and rushed at me while I was sitting in front of our house. Nobody was around then. My people were in Lagos, they said I was wanted somewhere and that they came to arrest me. They then took me away in their vehicle. Later I found myself in that forest”.

She however claimed ignorance of anything happening around her while in the forest, saying, “I don’t know whether people were being killed or women giving birth. Where they kept us was where I used to be. Once I cover my head with my cloth, I would just sleep off”.

Ola, in his narration said he left Osogbo sometime last year to see his parents in Igboho in the Oke Ogun area of Oyo State, but that on his return, he was just dumped somewhere which he later realised was the kidnap forest, noting that,  “If anybody calls me a mad person, I will be angry with him”.

Shittu, an Ibadan man and dealer in ‘agbo jedi’ (herbal liquid), who said he was living at Foko and Olodo areas before the misfortune that befell him said, “I was sitting somewhere at the Agodi Gate area of Ibadan when some people just swooped on me and rushed me into a vehicle.

“I had been in that place since four months ago. In the forest, we might not be given food for a whole week. People were dying”.

Another victim, Wale Atoyebi, who said he hailed from Ada, was so incoherent and stammering, that he just succeeded in muttering few words, but managed to say that he was not a mad person.

Many people have continued to throng the hospital from different states to behold the victims in sorry state. As at Monday, nobody had been able to identify any of the rescued persons as relations.

At the General Out-Patient ward of the hospital, where the victims were being attended to, nurses admitted that they had improved tremendously since they were brought there.

“When they arrived here, they smelt awfully. Some of us had to bathe and wash them while some Samaritans donated clothes to them”, the nurses said.

The nurses however explained the reason why the victims’ bushy hair were left untouched, saying, “you know their case is peculiar, if we should cut the hair now and anybody comes around to claim anyone of them and they asked where the hair is, what do you want us to tell them”?

It was gathered that the victims were eating well, even though three of them were just lying down on their beds without speaking to anyone and some were walking in and out under the watch of the hospital staff.

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