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NASS should not tamper with confab decision, says Asari-Dokubo

Posted: Oct 22, 2013 at 12:03 am   /   by   /   comments (4)

By Harris-Okon Emmanuel/Warri


Asari Dokubo

Asari Dokubo

Niger Delta Peoples Salvation Front (NDPSF), a group led by Muhajid Asari-Dokubo, has insisted that the Sovereign National Conference is the only avenue that would give the various ethnic nationalities in Nigeria the platform to discuss the future of the nation.

Besides, the group stated that it is only when people are allowed to bare their minds and articulate issues based on their convictions that a solution to the Nigeria question will be found.

This was the position of the group during its 10th anniversary at Ughelli town in Delta State, on the theme, “Dr. Jonathan Goodluck Presidency – National Conference/Dialogue – A fluke or the expected reality?”

Asari-okubo, who spoke through a conference call on the occasion, called on the youths of Niger Delta to stand up and resist what he described “as slavery by the elite”, who he stressed have ‘’mortgaged the future of the people of Niger Delta and other minorities within the contraception called Nigeria.”

He demanded, ‘’ total freedom and independence from the Nigerian Enterprise as Nigeria remains the mistake of 1914; a mere geographical expression; an artificial creation of the British Empire and a failed union.’’

He declared that the ‘’North remains a parasite, who feeds fat from the God given wealth of the South and yet sees and treats the South as a conquered territory, seeing the people of the South as slaves, whose land must be occupied in furtherance of their expansionist and neo colonialist agenda.’’

He called on the youths of the Niger Delta not to be afraid of anyone but to take their destiny in their hands and free themselves from ‘’slavery as enough was truly enough.’’

He warned that except that the National Conference is genuine and outcome subjected to a referendum, a revolution might occur in the country, as according to him, the National Assembly lacks legitimacy to right the wrongs of the past.