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Arsenal’ll win two trophies this season –Gbenga Adeyinka 1st

•Gbenge Adeyinka

•Gbenge Adeyinka

This season might be one of the best for players, officials and fans of Arsenal FC if only the club can sustain its current tempo both in the English Premier League (EPL) and the European Champions League (UCL) as well as other competitions.

Though, the club has not won a major trophy in the past eight seasons, but fans of the team are already dreaming of at least a trophy from the players since season if they continue to play since the commencement of the season.

One of the fans of the club with this dream is no other person than Gbenga Adeyinka 1st, who dreams Arsenal, eat Arsenal, drinks Arsenal and all things that has to do with the club.

The name Gbenga Adeyinka rings bell in the country especially in the comedy circle as well as in music and others.

A man of many firsts, Gbenga is the first Stand-up comedian to have worked in Ghana. He has to date had the honour of anchoring the Ghana Music Award twice and performed at over 12 other shows in Ghana where his fan base is huge. He is also the publisher of Nigeria’s first Comedy Magazine, LAFFMATTAZZ MAGAZINE described by many as the voice of the Nigerian Comedy Industry.

But apart from all these, Gbenga is also a football follower, a player and of course, a lover of the round leather game.

“My passion for football knows no bound and I love the game like any other thing. I also play the game to keep fit because it runs in my veins.

“Let me also be the first to predict that my darling club, Arsenal FC will win two trophies this season. At present, I don’t know the trophies, but I’m sure we are going to win at least two trophies this season with God on our side,” he said.

What gives you the confidence? “What else can be if not for the good performance of the team since the season kicked off?

“If the players continue to play the way they’ve been playing after the opening 3-1 defeat suffered in the hands of Aston Villa at the Emirates Stadium, I see them going places this season.

“I know many people will not take this seriously, but we will surprise many of them this season and that is a fact,” said Gbenga Adeyinka 1st.

But why the support and love for Arsenal?

“Hmm….. the love of Kanu Nwankwo took me to Arsenal when he was playing for the team but when he left, the club style of football kept me there.

“I love Arsenal FC dearly. For me, Arsenal is a club that has tradition. Not just tradition, but a club of excellence, more of a team of style. It is not just about football; it is a bit of about intellects, emotion, and hard work among others.

“I have been a supporter of the club for quite some time when Kanu Nwankwo joined them at the Highbury and I don’t think I can stop supporting the club.

“But above all, Arsenal has the philosophy of keeping football beautiful, entertaining and never showing desperation no matter the result of a game. It is a team of equal opportunities for all the players.

“A true and staunch supporter of the club will not abandon the club now because we’ve not won a trophy in the past eight years. We know that one day; things will change for better and my love for the team gets deeper.

Gbenga Adeyinka1st happiest moment with the team was the day the team left Highbury Stadium for the Emirates Stadium.

“The memory of the day we left Highbury for Emirates still lingers in my heart when Thierry Henry kissed the pitch of the Emirates Stadium.

“I was there live. I witnessed what happened that day and I cannot forget all than transpired in an hurry. To me, it was a memorable day,” he said.

He was however sad when the team lost the Carling Cup to Birmingham FC in the final of the 2010 edition.

“I thought we would win that trophy that year because we had the team to win the trophy but something in the course of the match happened and the defenders gave Obafemi Martins that opportunity to score a ‘cheap’ goal which eventually ended our dream and I was so sad.

“For three days I was not myself because of the defeat. It was painful to lose in that way,” he said.

Though he is enjoying the good and smooth run of the team’s games so far, he will however want the management of the team to buy one or two more players to complement the efforts of the present players.

“Yes, the buying of Mesut Ozil is really paying well for us but I think we should buy one solid central defender and a striker that can score at least 20 goals in a season.

“If  we can do that, I want to believe that we will go places and put smiles on the faces of our supporters and fans,” he said.

Gbenga is not the only supporter of Arsenal in the Adeyinka’s family. “We are all one in my family and as the head, I dictate the pace. All my children are Arsenal supporters.  They have no choice than to support the team and so we are living happily and no problem whatsoever. So I can say, for us it is Arsenal for live,” he concluded.

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