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About Alex Akinyele’s health

Chief Alex Akinyele

Chief Alex Akinyele

Former Minister of Sport, Chief Alex Akinyele, is one man who is known for his style, class and elegance.

Presently, Akinyele seems not to be too healthy.

He was a recipient of an award at an event, on Sunday, September 8, somewhere in Ikeja, Lagos State, and the man was the centre of attention. However, it was not for a positive reason.

Presenting some awards, Akinyele did not only struggle to read the names printed on the plagues, the organisers of the award had to put off the light in the hall when he was stepping out of the venue, as he could hardly walk on his own.

Akinyele was helped by a man, sparking up questions as to why he did not send a representative instead, when he knew he was not fit for such stress.

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