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I want to be the best saxophonist in the world – Samuel Olumade

Looking at him romancing his saxophone repeatedly, there is no doubting the synergy between this man and his musical instrument. Samuel Olumade, whose alias, Saxmuel, captures his essence, was recently at our corporate office and spoke briefly with  Rukayat Atanda and Sayo Olabiyi on his music.

Why did you abandon Accounting for Music?

I studied accounting to aid my music career in terms of effective management of my business.

What is the relationship between Accounting and Music?

We can relate the two, Accounting is all about calculations and as I have found out, there are lots of calculations too in music. In music we do what is called the theoretical part of music, we have time signature in music, we read the tremble Clef and Base Clef; all these are calculations too. You must be apt at mixing all the sounds to get quality music. Accounting, isn’t just about figures, it also about effective management of one’s business.

How do you intend passing your message across to fans considering the fact, you are not a particularly good vocalist?

Through my Saxophone!  There is no message you cannot communicate through the saxophone. It is a matter of using the tune of the saxophone to pass on the message; you can talk with it, using common words that people know so that they can relate with whatever the message being communicated. Though I sing but I am not a very good singer so I prefer to pass the message to my people through the saxophone.

Tell us more about yourself.

I am over 30 years of age. I attended Express Way Primary, school and EUBA Boys Secondary School, Ilasa, Lagos State. I read accounting at the Lagos State University. My father is a pastor, my mother, an evangelist. I am a member of The Redeemed Christian Church of God and authur of an album, ‘Great Things,’.

When did your romance with the saxophone begin?

When I was 12 years of age; even though, I started with the drums. There is no avoiding it when one’s father has a church. We had no choice back then but to be involved in all the activities of the church.   I was compelled by my parents to learn how to play the drum set. From beating the drums, I started playing the piano, later the guitar and finally to the saxophone. Even before I started with the drums, I had taken a keen interest in the saxophone so much so I took special interest in watching Mike Aremu and Kunle Ajayi on Television. How I envied them in those days.

What can you recall doing in school with your saxophone?

I got involved in doing different things while in school like joining the campus choir. Though, I didn’t initially make myself conspicuous but music has a way of promoting one. For example ,I went for a performance outside Lagos and when I got there, I met my course mate. He was astonished that I could perform so well.

What is your mission and vision?

I want to be the best in this side of the Atlantic by featuring on the international stage. I also want to carve a niche for myself in such a way when people see me or my name, they would be able to attach it to saxophone. I want to create an impression with it.

Who are your role models?

Kirk Whalom, Kenny G, Mike Aremu and Gerald Albright. I want to even surpass them. I also want to be role models to upcoming saxophonists.


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