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I am 19 while he is 27

Dear Agatha,

I am a young lady of 19 years of age in a relationship with a man of 27 years old. I am scared to introduce him to my mother because of the age and language differences. What do you think I should do and is the age difference not good enough for a relationship?

Worried Teenager.


Dear Worried Teenager,

Unless you have graduated, your priority now should be your education. Plenty of time to get serious about men or the matter of bringing one home to your parents. You are at a delicate balance in your life when any mistake like pregnancy can hinder your ambition in life.

This is why you need to get certain things right first before throwing your entire self into worrying about a relationship.

The mathematics of age difference is something you can handle once you attain the maturity and age to. In all honestly, the age difference between  the two of you isn’t much but you are bothered about it because at your age, the things that currently interest you may not be so appealing to him.

At 19, you are still filled with so much idealism while he at 27, is beginning to experience what reality is; their responsibilities as men. Therefore, for most young men, this is a rather difficult time for them because they have a lot of important decisions to make.

His need to establish himself would from time to time conflict with your desire to have fun.

Rather than worry about introducing him to your mother, make a good friend out of him. he can come to your home as a friend, not the one you are involved with. This way you give each other the rare opportunity of knowing each other better.

It will save you the problem of introducing too many young men to your parents.

Good luck

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