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Why Manitoba has not taken over TCN, by Power taskforce boss

•Photo: Dagogo Jack

By Obas Esiedesa, Senior Reporter, Abuja

Chairman of the Presidential Task Force on Power (PTFP) Beks Dagogo Jack has blamed ‘management issues’ for the failure of the Canadian firm, Manitoba to take over the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN).

Reviewing the power sector roadmap in Abuja, Dagogo-Jack said discussions on the issue are ongoing, stressing that “it is largely a management issue… It is largely a government issue.”

He noted that slip ups over the past year has left elements in the roadmap for Power Sector Reform disconnected from the realities in the sector today, explaining that the review is intended to integrate their sense of where the industry should be into the re-designed roadmap.

According to him, “the review exercise would bring the result into proper alignment with projections going forward. Those of you familiar with the first review exercise would recognize that there are elements in it that today are not exactly reflective of the realities on ground.

“In the original roadmap we had projected some capacities to come in at certain time lines because we did not do everything that we should have done. We slipped on those timelines and we can’t leave the roadmap in that same shape or version. We need to review it and bring out the version that Nigerians can rely on”.

Representatives of the Rural Electrification Agency (REA), Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN), Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Agency (NNRA) among others provided their projection on energy demands and targets for power generation and delivery in the country.

Dagogo-Jack however noted that there was a tendency for the projections to base demand on restricted parameters like Nigeria’s demography.

“If we just use our demographics to project demand you could lose sight of the fact that that’s not the only thing that can produce such results you need to align the sector properly from gas to generation and to transmission. Each of this point produces a constraining agenda but they don’t know that they just stay in their own premise,” he added.

The task force boss noted that it was an obligation to develop this renewed roadmap and leave it in the corridors of government for planning purposes, adding that it would be totally improper to conduct this research and develop this road map without “this level of stakeholder interaction.”

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