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TVC News acquires new technology for global reach

Posted: Feb 26, 2013 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

TVC News aims to become Africa’s leading News channel, bringing the latest and breaking news and other informative programmes from across Africa and the world. This is in addition to becoming a dominant news channel like CNN, Al Jazeera, BBC and others. To achieve this. It has acquired latest technology that can rival any broadcast organisation in the world.

These were the submissions of the Chief Executive Officer, Continental Broadcasting Service (CBS) Mr. Nigel Parson while addressing newsmen on the plans of CBS to take the world by storm.

All its  production control rooms, news rooms, and master control room are stocked with the latest broadcast equipment that can rival any broadcast company in the world.

Consequently, TVC News with its state-of-art equipment, a mixed breed of veteran broadcasters, young start-ups and visionary leadership is on the right track to achieving its set target.

Me. Parson noted that TVC News was set up to look at the world through  the African eye. “For so long, issues concerning Africa and Africans have been overwhelmingly under reported by the foreign media. The 24-hour pan-African News channel will serve as a voice for Africa”.

He opined that CBS  owners of TVC News has contracted some of the best local broadcasters in Nigeria and other African nations, who will be joined by foreign expatriates and has commenced intensive training for more than 350 members of staff . “TVC News dynamic team will keep viewers up-to-date with accurate, and relevant information and all with an African feel. News (Politics &Business), features, Documentaries, Current Affairs, Interviews, Sports and Weather Report, among others.

On competitive advantage, he said TVC News will focus on coverage of under-reported regions from an African perspective,    In-depth and reliable journalism and news coverage across Africa and world, TVC News is committed to excellence that will engage the viewers with reportage that are as fearless as they are informative and TVC News has veteran broadcasters.

On what platforms TVC News will  broadcast, he noted that TVC News channel will be available on Startimes in Nigeria, platforms across Africa, BSkyB in the UK and IPTV in the USA and others.

TVC News is a 24-Hour pan-African News Channel offering a fresh perspective to African and world events. What sets TVC News apart is the coverage of under-reported regions, in-depth and reliable source of journalism and news coverage across Africa and the world; enabled by bureau and correspondents all around the world. TVC news is committed to excellence that will engage the viewer with fearless truth telling and informative reporting, leveraging on technology and veteran broadcasters, Parson said.

On strategies  to meet their target audience, The CBS boss said TVC news will partner with satellite platform operators across the world to project the channel 24/7. We will also partner with local broadcasters across Africa to use the channel as filler when off air.  This is in addition to partnership with  Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) operators to further enhances distribution in Europe and North America, he maintained.