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Call Ogba Police to order

For motorists plying the Agege/Ijaiye road, there is need for them to ride with caution whenever they get to Ogba bus stop because of the activities of the police controlling traffic in that axis.

Most times, especially in the morning, they would pass incoming vehicles and when the driver complies, they would direct him to stop alleging that they did not instruct him to move in the first place. The victims most times are the commercial bus drivers. The police intentionally do this in order to extort money from the drivers and when a driver insists on his right, they would seize the vehicle key and force it to the Ogba Police Station.

However, because the drivers know that they would pay double and face stringent punishment when taken to the police station, they negotiate with the police and agree on the amount to be paid, which often, is exorbitant.

Passengers also pay for this because during the course of negotiation, they spend some time in the vehicle. Some miss their appointments or get late to their destinations on such occasions.

Residents and motorists are calling on the Lagos State Commissioner for Police, Umar Manko to call the police to order and allow sanity to reign in the area. They argue that the police are supposed to maintain law and order in the society and not to create chaos.

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