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Unpopular Essays is back on our back page

Regular readers of our paper would readily remember this column which used to be a must read on Fridays until it went on break in 2009. It is back with the same insight, but with a higher intellectual sting on the socio political fabrics of our polity.

The columnist, Dr Ekeng Anam-Ndu, an Associate Professor and author of many articles in journals and books in ethnic and race relations, obtained his PhD from the University of Chicago. He has been a lecturer and researcher in a number of universities as well as at the Centre for Advanced Social Sciences, Port Harcourt. In 2001, he founded the Centre for Minority and Developmental Studies, Uyo, where he serves currently as the Chief Executive Director.

 A snippet of what to expect tomorrow:

I am glad to be back in this Column to continue with the seemingly endless wailings for an unfinished history called Nigeria. Sounds pessimistic, yes, encouraged by daily happenings at all levels, all showing a common trend: deterioration or decay of socio-economic and political values including qualitative ideas that make nations great. Here in our country, we have not had the luck in developing positive nation building values as part of our cultural milieu. What we have always got entrenched in our cultural sub soilså are manipulative skills to hide the pursuit of our selfish interests, the outcome of which has always failed to produce desirable and expected end.

… we’ll be serving you this menu every Thursday. Don’t miss it!

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